Agencies for micro influencers can help connect brands with the right creators that have a more engaged audience to drive their bottom line.

Brands are increasingly shifting budgets to power creator-driven marketing campaigns, with 66% reporting they spent more on this area in the past year compared with previous years, according to a new CreatorIQ and Tribe Dynamics survey shared with Marketing Dive. 

There are millions of creators online today and it’s difficult to vet through the many accounts available to see if they are worth the investment. That’s why agencies for micro influencers can be the middleman to connect the right brands with the right creators. In short, micro influencer agencies can reduce time and resources spent on outreach.

Whether you are a brand or a creator, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about agencies for micro influencers.

What Is a Micro-Influencer?

A micro influencers has a small but active audience with anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 followers. This allows them to engage more frequently with their followers, making them a highly trusted information source. 

Micro influencers have the ability to better connect with their audience and build a solid relationship. This allows them to know the type of content (and products) their followers want to see and engage with more often.

3 Reasons Why Brands Prefer to Work With Micro-Influencers

1. Higher Engagement

According to a recent study, micro-influencers engagement rates on Instagram are the highest across all the different influencer types. At 3.86 percent, nearly four out of every 100 followers of micro-influencers interact with their content.

Followers consider micro influencers to be experts. People often follow accounts similar to where they are at in life or where they want to be. For example, a new mom may follow an influencer mom account on Instagram to see mom hacks, tips and tricks, and products.

People look for engaging, relatable, and trusted advice from someone going through similar experiences. Think about your own social media accounts; who do you follow? 

A micro influencer isn’t going to promote just any product to make a commission. Instead, they will work with brands they trust themselves and have vetted. This makes micro influencers a more trusted and reliable source for buyers to find inspiration and products. 

2. Lower Costs

Facebook and Google advertising costs are getting more expensive. And in recent years, marketers have seen more ad fraud and bot traffic. One of the worst results of ad fraud for advertisers is lost potential revenue and, therefore, a poor return on their ad spend.

By working with a creator, brands are getting their product or service in front of a more authentic and engaged audience. Part of working with a micro influencer is having them create the content themselves saving brands additional time and resources. 

If you compare a Facebook advertising campaign to a micro-influencer campaign, you will see the benefits immediately. With a Facebook ad campaign, you typically have to develop numerous ad sets with different targeting options available. In order to have more targeting options, you need to build out those lists. For a start-up or smaller brand, this is difficult to do and limits the capabilities they have to get their product in front of a targeted audience. 

Brands also have to create eye-catching creative and copy that is going to drive action with a Facebook ad campaign. But, if you work with a creator, this is done for you in a way that resonates authentically with your target audience. 

Let’s be honest, sometimes brands get caught up in the details and benefits of their product and lose the tone to connect with their audience. They become overly salesy and have the opposite effect of attracting their audience. Micro-influencers on the other hand can communicate the benefits of the brand’s product or service in a way the audience is more receptive to. 

The cost of an Instagram influencer post for micro influencers ranges from $100–$500 per postOn Facebook, the minimum daily ad budget for a link clicks campaign is $5/day, which adds up to $150/month. Additionally, you would be paying for the time and resources you used to build out the ad sets and ads themselves. 

By working with a micro-influencer you are lowering your digital advertising costs while tapping into a more engaged audience. 

Pro Tip: If you’re new to influencer marketing, you can also use an Instagram pricing calculator like Inzpire’s to calculate the average cost of any influencer you want to work with.

3. Stronger Partnerships 

Micro-influencers can become brand ambassadors for a company’s products or services. This will allows brands to get direct feedback from their target audience and evolve with them in an authentic way. 

There are many attribution models in digital marketing:

  • First Interaction
  • Last Interaction
  • Last Non-Direct Click
  • Linear
  • Time-Decay
  • Position-Based
  • Multi-touch

Attribution matters with influencer marketing because teams often need to determine the weight and ROI of this type of marketing investment. First interaction attribution could be viewed as the most incremental form of tracking your ROI as the consumer would have not made a purchase had it not been for that sponsored post or that first interaction.

But, today’s consumers often interact with multiple touchpoints across various channels. So, turning your influencer campaign into an ongoing partnership could be valuable to brands and have them see a better (and higher) ROI. 

Why Micro-Influencers Need to Work With an Agency in 2022

We’ve covered the benefits to brands for working with micro influencers in 2022. But, what about creators?

Besides finding clients and negotiating contracts, here are a few more reasons a micro influencer may want to work with an agency in 2022.

1. Think Big

With a clear vision, talent, and the right team, the opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders, projects, and businesses are enormous.

Agencies for micro influencers have already developed strategic connections to assist in securing more profitable brand deals.

This allows creators to spend more time focusing on the creative aspect of the collaboration without worrying about negotiations and contracts.

2. More Profit

Googling rates for micro influencers can show you what you could charge for brands, but they’re only a small insight into what you can negotiate.

Agencies for micro influencers have experience with many different types of contract options available that you may not even be aware of.

They also have the knowledge and experience to understand the legality behind each brand deal. Sometimes it can be intimidating for creators with a smaller following to negotiate a deal with a larger brand. This is where an influencer agency would come in to level out the playing field.

3. Effective Teamwork

As a creator, you often are a team of 1. It can be difficult to not have anyone to bounce ideas off of or brainstorm with. That’s where agencies for micro influencers come in!

Having a whole team behind you that is working on your behalf to secure more brand partnerships, negotiate contracts, handle the legality, and scale your growth takes the weight off of you.

When we know the benefits of working with influencer agencies, it is time to pick the perfect agencies for micro influencers.

9 of The Best Agencies for Micro Influencers

There are a number of agencies for micro influencers available that create diverse, innovative, and powerful influencer campaigns.

While HireInfluence is considered the top influencer marketing agency, we will stop on the list of those that collaborate with brands and manage talents. So here are our top 9 agencies for micro influencers.

1. Socialyte

Agencies for Micro Influencers |

Socialyte is a digital influencer and celebrity talent agency that has been at the forefront of influencer management since its inception in 2012. From brand licensing to campaigns with top brands, they partner with influencers to build authentic careers that last a lifetime. 

2. JB Social

Agencies for Micro Influencers |

Jamie, JB Social’s founder, and the JB Social team have worked with hundreds of brands and thousands of influencers. From partnership strategy to graphic design to photography (and more), the team is trusted by influencers and brands to deliver on the three things everyone is chasing – engagement, growth, and revenue. In addition, the company offers fresh ways to collaborate, monetize and expand a brand — whether you are just getting started in the influencer community or curating content for thousands of followers.

3. Social Lens Media

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When talking about the best agencies for micro influencers, we cannot but mention Social Lens Media. With years of influencer marketing experience, their team knows the power it held for consumers and their final decision to purchase a product, and that is when Social Lens Media was then born.

As an influencer marketing agency, they connect brands with top influencers in the specific industry and create buzz-worthy, ROI-focused influencer campaigns globally. The agency’s services include influencer marketing, social media management, 1:1 coaching, and content creation. 

4. Shine Talent Group

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Established in 2015, with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, the agency has proudly worked with hundreds of talent across thousands of brands. Shine Talent Group streamlines the process by managing strategy, budget, casting, execution, ad boosting, and reporting under one integrated team. Its reputation allows talents to trust them, providing the clients with insider information and more competitive programming. Shine’s essential services include campaign creation, influencer strategy, influencer casting, campaign management, media partnerships, and more.

5. Central Entertainment Group

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With over 20 years of success in the entertainment industry, Central Entertainment Group has become the leading influencer marketing agency for top-tier celebrities and internet talent. Once a live booking agency, CEG has expanded its expertise to help grow the presence of industry leaders in the social media space, curating brand-specific talent partnerships. Moreover, CEG is the leading agency in the country for reality TV talent and influencer representation. So, the company is happy to offer influencer marketing, campaign strategy, performance marketing, and consulting services.

6. Shade

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Shade is a full-service agency on a mission to diversify influencer marketing. The agency’s goal is to help creators of color become self-employed while doing what they love. Shade’s team works with brands (and agencies) to collaborate with vetted, talented, and genuinely influential bloggers, influencers, models, YouTubers, speakers, actors, and more.

Whether it is influencer strategy, talent casting, content production, or content distribution, Shade will be your great partner. Such clients as Sally Beauty, Square, and CVS pharmacy can prove that.

7. Pulse Advertising

Pulse Advertising landing page |

As one of the market leaders, Pulse Advertising enables brands to win and retain customers on social media. The relationship between a brand and its target audience matters to the agency. How do they deliver? Through a new social media advertising solution: connecting influencer marketing, paid social advertising, and social media management.

Pulse Advertising works with influencers and testimonials to produce native content that works. They create novel and innovative advertising concepts to tell the brand story and build lasting communities.

8. InBeat Agency

InBeat Agency's landing page |

InBeat agency’s service helps a brand get the most out of working with influencers. The agency will cover everything: discovery, negotiation, payments, agreements, and strategy. They utilize the network of creators and micro-influencers to generate hundreds of creative assets any business can run in paid advertising. The InBeat agency is excellent for direct-to-consumer brands, mobile apps, and consumer product goods. Leverage the network of vetted creators to create authentic and engaging content around your brand!

9. Top Worldwide

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It is one of the marketing agencies for micro influencers that offer a proprietary network of influencers. The company tracks thousands of micro-influencers worldwide to determine each influencer’s actual value. They combine this data with creative campaign blueprints that trigger emotional engagement, social sharing, and time-sensitive action with the target audience. If looking for mega influencing reach, Top Worldwide is a perfect option.


Micro influencers are a strategic way for brands to tap into new audiences and develop genuine connections with their target audience.

Influencer marketing has proven that it is a cost-effective way to improve ROI and drive sales. With bot traffic and ad fraud becoming more apparent, brands should consider the benefits to partnering up with agencies for micro influencers.

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