8 Social Media Mockup Tools to Win the Top Clients (Free & Paid)

In 2021 it’s rare to find a marketing agency that isn’t fully invested in one technology stack or another — and social media mockup tools are no exception. With remote work here to stay, transparency is a requirement for successful collaboration. Whether you are working on website design or building social media campaigns, how you […]

8 Tactics for Delivering Omnichannel Customer Support

Did you know that companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers?  This is compared to a 33% customer retention rates for companies with weak omnichannel strategies. As industry professionals, we’ve all gained plenty of insight from our years in marketing. This article includes information that is relevant to you […]

Customer Retention Softwares to Boost Your Revenue

82% of organizations agree that customer retention costs less than customer acquisition. Most businesses’ bottom line is to increase sales and boost profits in the most cost-effective solutions. There are two ways to achieve this: by attracting new consumers or by retaining old ones. Often, newbie entrepreneurs rely on the first option, but this approach has […]

The Best Marketing Automation Software for Agencies in 2021

The best marketing automation software for agencies automates repetitive marketing tasks to allow more time for higher priority activities. Credit card failures, wrong tracking, over or underspending, consuming data pulls — we’ve all experienced it. But automation is no longer the future — it’s here now.  If you’re not yet using automation to improve efficiency […]

Top 10 Brand Management Tools in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Brand management tools helps businesses manage the overall perception and awareness of a brand. They provide a single platform to design, deliver and measure all the assets you need to ensure brand consistency across all marketing channels. With the right tools, you can easily give a brand the right attention it needs to succeed. Below […]

Digital Asset Management: Is It Necessary for a Marketing Agency Client’s Success?

Digital asset management will continue to grow exponentially as digital content creation and sharing increase. With more brands turning to marketing agencies to support and grow their digital initiatives, the need for organizing and pulling multiple digital assets across various brands becomes more prominent. Your clients want to be able to find specific content pieces, […]

Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses in 2021

There is no shortage of email marketing tools for small businesses, with no indication of slowing down. With an overlapping buffet of purpose-built solutions that carry out virtually any conceivable task make it all the more difficult for marketers to decide what technology can truly enhance their marketing effectively and within their budget. Email marketing […]

Performance-based Marketing: 11 Tools You Can Use

Effective marketing strategies are essential in every business. Whether it is email marketing, SEO, or content marketing, they help businesses increase their revenue and achieve their goals. Performance-based marketing is slowly rising to the occasion because of how effective it is in selling products and services. For those who are not familiar with this type […]