The Best Marketing Automation Software for Agencies in 2021

The best marketing automation software for agencies automates repetitive marketing tasks to allow more time for higher priority activities. Credit card failures, wrong tracking, over or underspending, consuming data pulls — we’ve all experienced it. But automation is no longer the future — it’s here now.  If you’re not yet using automation to improve efficiency […]

25 Digital Marketing Call-to-Action Examples You Can’t Help But Click

An effective digital marketing call-to-action (CTA) eliminates confusion. As a marketer, you’re very familiar with CTA’s but may not realize the magnitude of importance they hold in today’s digital market. Consumers are overwhelmed with brand messages every day. A constant cascade of videos, images, and text that promise to solve their every problem. The outcome? […]

Digital Authenticity in 2021: How to Build More Authentic Relationships in Business

Digital authenticity has been put on the back burner for many marketers who have been focused exclusively on using data-driven tactics to drive traffic. As Google’s algorithms become more intelligent and intuitive, marketers switched tactics to focus more on brand personality. Winning the love of consumers is not easy. Businesses are always in search of […]

The Only Online Reputation Management Cheatsheet You’ll Ever Need

Online reputation management has been a hot topic in the world of marketing and PR for years. Traditional marketing methods still work. Great service. Good value. Brilliant products. Word-of-mouth. Brand recognition. They’re undeniably effective. But every single one of them has been usurped by a new method: online reputation management.  Many of today’s consumers wouldn’t drink […]

How Brands Can Get More Followers on TikTok in 2021

Brand’s have been wondering how they can get more followers on TikTok and take advantage of its 689 million monthly active users worldwide. Although the app had originally been deemed for a younger audience, the number of US adults using TikTok has risen over the past few years with no sign of slowing down.   For reference, it took Instagram […]

Customer Criticism: How to Respond to Criticism Effectively

Customer criticism is an opportunity to collect information about their needs, opinions, attitudes, and beliefs. With more platforms available to customers to leave their online reviews, it’s no doubt that businesses could get receive a wave of customer criticism. And although you may not want to follow up on these messages, you could hurt your […]