Social Media Spotlight: Sweatshop Coffee NYC Posts Beautiful Pictures That Drive Visitors

There’s no doubt that us marketers love our coffee shops. Not only do they provide the wonderful gift of caffeine that we need to make it through our daily routines, but they also provide us with an office away from the office.

Powering Smarter Decisions with Agency Vista’s New Comparison Feature

Holiday campaigns are quickly approaching and now is the time for businesses to evaluate if their marketing agency is delivering on their growth goals. Agency Vista continues to provide our network of 40,000+ members the opportunity to show how their verified services can best suit a business’s needs. Introducing Our New Side-by-Side Agency Comparison Feature […]

How to Write a Successful Social Media Proposal

An essential part of the sales process is researching, writing, and presenting proposals – such as a social media proposal – that compel and convert leads into paying customers.  Unfortunately, writing proposals can be a time-consuming task and one which doesn’t always guarantee results for your business. It’s no wonder that proposals have a bad […]

The Social Selling Playbook: What Is Social Selling And How You Can Do It Right with Social Listening

Social selling is an essential part of any modern-day sales and marketing plan. It fuses the power and global reach of social media marketing with the personable approach of direct sales, giving you the best of both worlds. Plus, the results are there too. A recent study conducted by Sales for Life shows that for every $1 invested in social […]

#FeatureFriday with Said Digital on How to Improve Your Ad Spend with Incrementality

Wondering how to improve your ad spend with incrementality? Then you’ve come to the right place! Social media managers today are well-equipped to calculate common digital marketing KPI’s but often find themselves wondering why their overall ROI isn’t good when they’re allocating ad spend to the best ROI channels. The solution? Not looking at paid […]