Instagram Fonts that Drive Higher Engagement

Visual branding on Instagram is an excellent way for marketers to make shareable, relatable content. With all the changes on Instagram and how everything keeps feeling new, many marketers forget that the fonts that Instagram keeps introducing for stories actually make a difference in how content is perceived by target audiences. Conventionally, Instagram had only a few […]

Black Friday Marketing: How the Apple iOS 14 Release May Affect Your Ads and Reporting

Black Friday marketing campaigns are a go! The retail holiday during Cyber Week is interchangeable with deals. This year, much like last year during the pandemic, the traditional holiday shopping experience is going digital. In fact, in 2020, desktop orders were at 49%, while smartphones accounted for 43% during a record-setting year. In June, at WWDC […]

Marketing Automation Solutions: Top Tools to For Your Brand in 2022

Marketing automation is no longer a trend but a must-have for those who want to survive in a competitive digital era – increasing the marketing team’s effectiveness, increasing sales, and optimizing marketing activities’ budgets. In other words, for everyone. Owners of various companies are actively investing in marketing automation because it makes a profit. Moreover, […]

Google Product Listing and Discovery Options: A Holiday Game-Changer

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, the new Google product listing and discovery option could give eCommerce businesses the upper hand. Most sales are still happening online (due to the Covid-19 pandemic), most manufacturers and retailers are concentrating wholly on their digital product listings. They’re looking to maximize all their content […]