Video Content Marketing: Implement a Successful Video Strategy

The video keeps conquering the world. Video content marketing fundamentally changes the approach to advertising and communication and dictates new rules for businesses and entrepreneurs. Over the past year, both consumers, marketers, and businesses have warmed up to video – it is quickly replacing the usual text-and-image formats in the online space. An effective content […]

April Fool’s Day Marketing: Pranks from 10 Famous Brands with a Sense of Humor

On April 1st, not only friends and colleagues joke about each other, but also large companies fool around in every possible way. Yes, April Fool’s Day is an excellent time to take a chance and venture into a “humorous” marketing campaign. It is a traditional holiday of non-traditional advertising and participating in all-day fun. No […]

Essential Content Marketing Sites That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic

Looking to grow your blogs traffic? Well then you came to the right place! Blogs have become one of the most popular content marketing tools, and it is not surprising. First of all, they attract organic traffic due to a sizeable semantic core. Secondly, they provide natural external links from reputable resources and social networks. […]

Social Media Event Marketing: Engage Attendees Successfully

Event marketing focuses on creating emotional connections between the consumer and the brand. Emotions are the primary aspect in building a brand with a human face. Organizing events or participating in them increases brand awareness, helps you demonstrate your capabilities, find partners, and build strong relationships with customers. The majority (60%) of leadership believes that events are […]

The Best Instagram Scheduling Tools in 2021

Instagram today is not only an opportunity to share photos and videos with friends but also a powerful tool to support brand loyalty and be closer to customers, to know their interests and attitudes to your product. 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services. But repetitive tasks can slow down productivity, so we’ve put […]