The best Pinterest marketing tools can help brands and agencies drive action with their target audience. Considering the high competition of more popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, marketers often overlook Pinterest’s social media marketing potential. However, the social media platform benefits ambitious brands, primarily when used with proper Pinterest marketing tools.

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As of the first quarter of 2022, Pinterest had 433 million monthly active users worldwide. This growth offers a huge potential for brands to tap into new audiences and better connect with their target audience. While growing your blog or writing effective content can be challenging, you can easily manage your Pinterest account with the help of the right Pinterest automation tools.

Let’s dive into the topic and collect the seven best Pinterest marketing tools that help automate the tedious activities on the platform. But, before that, we will run through the key stats to prove that it is worth investing in Pinterest marketing.

How Pinterest Marketing Tools Can Improve Your Site Traffic

When it comes to digital marketing, your goals are simple: to attract traffic to the website and turn visitors into customers. However, with that said, it is essential to implement a well-thought-out Pinterest strategy to maximize referrals.

Unfortunately, posting pins is not enough to increase your brand’s Pinterest exposure. You need to take care of scheduling aspects, design of your pins, and other issues to achieve great results. Nevertheless, Pinterest marketing tools are an efficient resource for businesses to stay consistent and improve lead generation. Below we have listed a few key points of how Pinterest tools can enhance your site traffic.

  • Consistent posting. When it comes to working with Pinterest, consistency is key. Proper scheduling allows your audience to recognize content from your brand, understand your key messages and values, and ensure professional quality across your content.
  • Performance analysis. Another way to improve your business by tracking what is happening on Pinterest is to analyze statistics carefully. You can not only track pins and boards on Pinterest but also use special programs to find out the amount of traffic to the site attracted using Pinterest.
  • Crafting beautiful designs. Since Pinterest is a visual social space, preparing high-quality pictures for your posts is crucial. It is not necessary to create images from scratch. Modern tools will provide templates and ideas for stunning designs.
  • Optimizing your pins. With the help of specialized tools, you can set Pinterest descriptions, Alt-text, disable Pinning on specific images, and more.
  • Studying Pinterest trends. Reviewing current trends across popular Pinterest categories is essential. It is an excellent solution to come up with new ideas for your pins.

With that in mind, there is no doubt that Pinterest marketing tools are great helpers to grow your following and increase leads and traffic.

Pinterest Marketing Statistics for Brands and Agencies in 2023

7 Best Pinterest Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Site Traffic

1. Vista Social: Schedule Pins and Analyze Performance

Pinterest Marketing Tools | Vista Social

Price: Forever free plan for one user and up to 3 social profiles. The Pro plan is $2/month per profile (on annual plans) with unlimited users.

It is a modern social media management tool with a robust set of features to manage your Pinterest Profiles and Messenger conversations on the fly. Vista Social’s Pinterest integration includes publishing, reputation, and response management tools for Profiles and Messenger and rich analytics.

One of the key features is easy scheduling and optimizing every post you publish to your Pinterest profile. You can review and manage Pinterest content from a central publishing calendar — quickly filter by tag, profile, and date. Moreover, you will never miss a comment, wall post, Review, or Messenger conversation with a unified inbox and powerful social CRM tools for engagement. 

With Vista Social, there is no need to be limited by predetermined metrics packaged in predetermined reports. Instead, you can examine Pinterest profile performance and understand industry averages and directly compare competitor data to your own.

Ready to boost your Pinterest strategy? Pay attention to video pins and learn how to schedule videos to Pinterest with Vista Social.

2. Tasty Pins: Optimize Images for Pinterest, SEO, and Accessibility

Pinterest Marketing Tools | Tasty Pins interface |

Price: $29 (billed annually).

Tasty Pins is your perfect tool to optimize your blog’s images for Pinterest, SEO, and screen readers. Why is this Pinterest tool so helpful? When people repost your content to Pinterest from your website, the proper pin title and pin description will be used – this will have an impact on the performance of your pins.

Whether you want to add hidden pins to your category pages, disable pinning of specific images, enjoy Pinterest follow box, or add a hover button on all photos – with Tasty Pins, it is a matter of a few clicks. 

If you are searching for a plugin that is easy to use and costs its price, Tasty Pins is a good investment.

3. Canva: Design Beautiful Images for Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing Tools | Pinterest templates |

Price: Free plan is available. The Pro plan starts from $30/month per person.

When working on better engagement and lead generation, design matters. Canva is one of those Pinterest marketing tools with predesigned templates and layouts explicitly tailored for Pinterest. It is easy to bring your best ideas to life with thousands of professional templates, images, and quality content to choose from.

The tool allows editing graphics in minutes with striking typography and gorgeous images from the media library. Customize ready-made designs and keep the trends in mind to achieve the best result – tall images with multiple dominant colors will attract more traffic. If you want your Pins to stand out, make them eye-catching with Canva!

4. Pin Inspector: Uncover Effective Keywords and Popular Trends  

Pinterest Marketing Tools | Pin Inspector interface |

Price: $67 (one-time payment).

Pin Inspector is your perfect choice to uncover top trending searches, top converting content, and the best performing ads directly on Pinterest. The tool allows unlimited data from Pinterest with six built-in data extraction tools: Keyword Generator, Trend Generator, Pins Analyzer, Browse & Scrape Tool, Boards Analyzer, and Pinner Analyzer.

Pin Inspector will cope with all these and other tasks in seconds, whether you aim to generate hundreds of top popular keywords, extract the latest trending searches, or uncover the pins with the most saves and repins.

There is no need to spend hours researching data sources to uncover Pinterest valuable data – install one software and discover unsaturated niches for your next product ideas.

5. PinGroupie: Join Popular Boards and Reach Thousands of Users

PinGroupie interface |

Price: Free plan is available. The Pro plan is $9.99/month.

You can find group boards on your topic through specialized Pinterest marketing tools and search services. One of the most popular tools is PinGroupie. Becoming a part of group boards is an excellent solution to boost traffic from Pinterest, and you should get the most out of it.

You can search the group’s database for those that fit your industry. PinGroupie allows specifying a category, filtering by title, and filtering by description. Contribute the content with the appropriate data and quality images regularly to attract attention. Once you pin something on one of those boards, it will be seen by thousands of users. 

6. Milo Tree: Grow Your Pinterest Followers

Milo Tree for desktop and mobile |

Price: 30-day free trial is available. The Pro plan starts from $9/month or $99/year.

Take advantage of the traffic you have already built, and automatically convert your site visitors into new followers and subscribers. Using MiloTree innovative pop-ups, you will get more social media followers on Pinterest with no hassle. You will be surprised to learn how easy MiloTree is to set up, how many different platforms you can grow with it, and enjoy analytics to track growth.

If you want to convert your visitors into followers, subscribers, and customers, install the MiloTree pop-up on your site and watch how well it works. As MiloTree starts growing your followers and subscribers, those people will become your repeat visitors, so the growth becomes circular and builds on itself.

7. Loop88: Connect with Pinterest Influencers

Loop88 for Pinterest |

Price: Not public. Contact the company for more details.

Collaborating with an influencer on Pinterest brings many benefits to a brand. Loop88 is a social network marketing platform that connects businesses with their targeted consumers by creating customized content campaigns.

Put it simply, Loop88 works as a channel between Pinterest influencers who need sponsors and brands who need an advertiser. To become part of the system, you need to be either a well-known influencer or a famous brand. Loop88 is an excellent solution to receive increased repins and higher exposure.


Pinterest is an essential social media channel for traffic and shares if you leverage the full power of the platform. It has an active and engaged audience looking for content and ready to buy.

The Pinterest marketing tools we listed above will help you to be successful in growing your account and traffic. They all proved to be efficient and flexible in curating everyday automated tasks.

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