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Founded by Syndi Braun in 2016, The Social Robin utilizes traditional and innovative marketing plans to ensure clients achieve the success they want without breaking the bank. 

Marketing is no longer a boys club. The online marketing industry is interested in female leaders who have experience with the technology and influence the strategy and in the niche itself. Agency Vista strives to put the most remarkable verified agencies in front of businesses. 

In a world of vigorous up-sells and cringe-marketing, Syndi strives to consult with clients and “prescribe” to them what they need based on their goals so that they have every opportunity to do exactly what they set out for without spending a dime for something that isn’t aligned with their goals. For small businesses, every penny counts. 

The Social Robin keeps that fact close to their heart, allowing them to always instill humility and honesty in their agency. Since 2020, they’ve used Agency Vista to increase their brand awareness, elevate their online reviews, and connect with businesses. 

Balancing Agency Marketing with Clients

For tons of agencies, their own marketing can get put on the backburner while managing multiple clients. But, there are thousands of digital marketing agencies available and that number is only growing. It’s crucial to spend time every month on tasks that will make your agency excel and stand out from the pack. 

There are obvious reasons a business should choose your agency over all the others, but if that information isn’t easily accessible to a new client they may not see your value. Agencies need to prioritize their online marketing and thought leadership to ensure a stamp of approval — and a paycheck — from potential clients. The Social Robin utilized Agency Vista to improve their online credibility and get recognized for their strong customer satisfaction. 

Agency Vista | The Social Robin | Summary

Instead of spending time away from their client campaigns on creating new case studies, testimonials, or updating their website — The Social Robin utilizes their Agency Vista profile. It only took them a few minutes to set up, and the great part is that it takes no effort to maintain. 

From client portfolios, latest social media updates, verified client reviews, awards and accolades, and more — The Social Robin uses Agency Vista to showcase their offering to prospective and current customers. Providing valuable insights for businesses searching for a marketing partner — whether they’re customers yet or not — their profile has helped them grow a credible online presence. And as The Social Robin team knows, an online presence is vital to SEO success.

To be recognized as the top agency for particular categories, the team uses the Premium Lists on Agency Vista. The premium lists are compiled of agencies that have been researched and verified to help businesses scale their digital marketing efforts. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Client Portfolio
  • Reviews
  • Partnerships
  • Client Size
  • Industry Focus
  • Budget Size
  • And more
Newswire | Agency Vista | Top Marketing Agencies by Service for December 2021

These lists are frequently distributed through press release organizations such as PR Newswire. Premium lists allow agencies to not only be ranked on Agency Vista as the top agency for a specific niche but also rank on search engines for their target keywords as well. 

Leveraging Client Influence

Creating a two-way conversation online is more than replying to comments. The Social Robin makes their clients part of the brand by leveraging reviews from current and previous customers. 

“My passion is helping people succeed and grow. For me, success is being able to put that passion into practice in my company and at home.”

One element that can contribute to success is using online customer reviews to build a stronger online presence. This plays a crucial role in improving current client trust and confidence in your agency. It is a particularly important strategy for marketing agencies as it can provide an edge over competitors who do not use or have any client reviews. 

Agency Vista | The Social Robin | Reviews

By including their online reviews on their profile, The Social Robin stays true to its core values of providing top-quality client satisfaction. At the same time, they’re building a credible online presence and offering social proof to potential new clients who discover them.

The woman behind the brand

The Social Robin has worked hard to grow an authentic online presence. By elevating their online client reviews and being recognized for their work on premium lists, Syndi has created an agency that businesses trust and can count on. Instead of utilizing their own marketing channels, which can come across as biased, The Social Robin taps into third-party credibility through Agency Vista. 

Third-Party Credibility is formed on the human tendency to value the opinion or expertise of a person outside their circle of influence more than someone within. By spotlighting their customers and creating an authentic brand — without taking time away from their clients, The Social Robin has been able to maintain a strong online presence and marketing channel in front of their ideal target audience. 

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