As of 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day. Due to its impact on society across the globe, Social Media Day was born on June 30.

There is no doubt that holidays provide a significant boost to brand’s on social media. Whether one falls on a Tuesday, Friday, or any other day, holidays offer perfect opportunities to better connect with your target audience.

National days are a great way for brands and agencies to create fun and interactive content for their followers. Agency Vista has put together everything you need to know to get ready for the next big national day, Social Media Day.

Never miss an important date, event, or a national holiday to increase engagement on social media. With Vista Social’s content calendar, you can structure your content production in the calendar view and ensure your team knows what is coming.

What Is Social Media Day?

Social media is a powerful revolution, and Mashable, popular entertainment, and multi-platform media business, decided it deserves a day of recognition.

Launched by Mashable on June 30, 2010, Social Media Day appeared as a way to recognize social media’s impact on global communication and to connect the world in its celebration.

For brands and agency employees, social media is a huge part of your day-to-day life. International Social Media Day is created for everyone to enjoy the positivity these platforms have brought to our lives.

Although, there is a lot of controversy around this subject. Social media has made it more accessible for us to communication with friends and family, regardless of location or time, and has led a whole new world of growth to brand’s.

How to Celebrate Social Media Day

Besides drinking Prosecco, Social Media Day is about communication and being active online. Google Trends report shows a boost in “social media day” search engine traffic around June 30.

Social Media Day | Google Trends

Brands, creators, and influencers will be celebrating, and you should do the same. Except for posting boring graphics and messages, there are a few more ideas to celebrate the holiday.

1. Review and Improve Your Social Media Profiles

When getting ready for Social Media Day, review your social media profiles and ensure they are impressive enough for your audience.

Run through the following tips to perfect your social media profiles:

  • Use the right size and quality images for avatars. Use the same profile image/brand logo on every social channel.
  • Check and update your bio with the relevant information.
  • Be discoverable in a search – use the right keywords.
  • Test your links and make sure they work.
  • Fill out the website field and cross-promote your brand.
  • Untag your account from bad photos or inappropriate posts.
  • Complete all sections of your profile to look professional.

2. Boost Engagement with Trending Hashtags

Nowadays, having an impressive social media feed is not enough to get noticed. Your holiday content should grab the target audience’s attention, and proper hashtags are the way to do it.

Social Media Day |

People worldwide use the hashtags #SMDay and #socialmediaday on Twitter, Instagram, and blog posts to celebrate Social Media Day.

While #SMDay is the most widely used hashtag, initially used by Mashable, you can create your own hashtags specific to an online campaign or offline event you are organizing. Remember, a hashtag is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated.

3. Join In on Conversations With Your Followers

Well, that is what we celebrate, so do not hesitate to start communicating with your audience. It is beneficial for building an emotional connection with customers as it is followed by loyalty and trust.

Show your audience that their opinion is important to you — ask for their feedback about a new collection, ask them to talk about their favorite products, or chat about something trending in the industry. There are many tools to help:

  • publish a post and answer the comments;
  • announce a Q&A session;
  • create some kind of an open chat.

This way, you will get to know your audience better and understand which content is most relevant to them. 

4. Start a Live Video to Humanize Your Brand

Live streams help brands and agencies to get closer to their followers and increases loyalty. People are interested in live emotions and information that they will be the first to learn from the live broadcast. And if you launch a live video from the event location, the subscriber will feel like a part of the event.

Instagram Live Video |

Whether a webinar, product presentation, behind-the-scenes content, or an Instagram live video with another user, it is an excellent solution to create “live” content and stay in touch with your audience.

5. Meet Effort with Effort

Acknowledging your followers is essential not only on Social Media Day since you let the people know you see them. All this affects reputation, trust, and loyalty. Let your audience know you see when they leave a comment or ask a question, tag your business online, or re-share your posts. Share and retweet their content, and acknowledge the followers’ activity on your page with likes.

Openness is the new black. Being “closer to the people,” many companies have been basking in the loyalty and love of customers.

6. Run a Celebratory Giveaway

A giveaway is what your audience will definitely like, especially on Social Media Day. It is still an excellent method of promotion, the cheapest and fastest way to boost engagement and attract new followers. Who can pass up free stuff?

Holiday giveaway |

Use attractive images, a catchy headline, and a clearly written annotation: contest success depends on these things. Do not forget the main point that pushes the audience to participate in giveaways — prizes! When celebrating Social Media Day, you can raffle off discount codes for the products and services you sell, free products or e-books, one-on-one chat with a winner, and more.

7. Use the Right Social Media Platforms

Choose your platforms for marketing as consciously as you build goals and objectives. How quickly you achieve your objectives depends on choosing the right social media platforms. All social networks are different – they attract diverse audiences and help you achieve specific goals.

If you have limited resources, focus your efforts on the right fit to maximize your goals. There is no need to be everywhere at the same time. Pick up the best platforms thinking about your goals and audience. Answer the following questions to ensure you are active on the right platform:

  • Does a social platform align with your marketing goals?
  • Is your target audience active on this platform?
  • Which social media channel do your competitors use?
  • Can you integrate this platform with another similar one?

8. Tell a Story

Great storytelling is a key to successful social media marketing. Looking at some big brands, you will notice that they are often excellent storytellers. So, why not celebrate Social Media Day with a story of how social media has impacted your business. This can be a fun way to connect with your audience.

Brands and agencies can use this as an opportunity to share something they wish they had knew earlier or a funny social media mishap that happened and how others can learn from that mistake. Don’t worry, we’ve all done them!

When creating your stories, follow one rule: would it be interesting for you to read the same story in another account? If the answer is yes, go ahead and post it!

Brand's story |

9. Attend Social Media Day Events

What about an offline Social Media Day event where you can meet social media professionals and strengthen relationships? Pay attention to Social Media Day San Diego for marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. It has been the marketing team’s leading social media day event since 2012. 

Social media day in San Diego |

Another annual social media conference is Social Media Week Lima. You will leave the event with actionable takeaways, fresh ideas, and stellar marketing tips.

In fact, any area with a social media club or marketing organization is scheduling at least a meet-up to connect with peers and colleagues. Social Media Day Philadelphia, Social Media Day Wichita, and Social Media Day Denver are a few more examples we have found.

10. Show Gratitude to Your Followers

We are celebrating #SMDay to highlight the positive impact of social media. Consider this day an excellent opportunity to show your gratitude to your audience. Thank them for their support and participation in the brand’s life. No need to say, this will boost engagement and make them feel special. Moreover, use authentic and relevant content to inspire your followers to take action.


Social media has changed the way people communicate, share information, and interact with family and friends. Social channels present enormous potential for brands and agencies. So, it is safe to say that today’s social networks fully deserve their own day in the holiday calendar.

June 30, 2022, is the 13th celebration of Social Media Day. We hope you have grabbed some ideas for how your brand can celebrate Social Media Day and improve your relationship with followers.