Scheduling Content For Social Media: How To Save More Time

Scheduling content for social media can take up a good chunk of your day, especially if you are an agency managing multiple brand’s social media profiles. According to Content Marketing Institute, 81% of organizations use social media publishing/analytics tools. Content creation/collaboration/workflow tools increased from 48% in 2019 to 58% in 2020. Most marketers are pulled into multiple […]

Content Marketing: 17 Actionable Tips To Boost Your Traffic

Without high-quality content marketing, it is impossible to talk about the usability of your online resource, in other words, about customer experience, which encourages a potential buyer to stay on your website. Content is always a reason to communicate with the client, to interest him, and allow him to contact you directly if necessary. Web traffic […]

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in a Post-Pandemic World

Hiring a digital marketing agency in a post-pandemic world might be the solution to getting the most out of your marketing efforts? Regardless of the industry, every business was forced to make shifts in their marketing activities, with a strong focus on digital. The global digital ad spend is expected to reach $389.29 billion in […]

5 Dangers Of Stereotyping in Marketing Campaigns

Stereotyping in marketing use to be a very common tactic that allowed the consumer and the advertiser to find a common language. But times are changing — consumers, first and foremost, are real people. The more you see and treat customers as real people with feelings, the more loyal they will be to your business. Here are […]